Are you looking for ways to attract more wonderful birds creatures into your garden? It’s actually not that difficult to provide the birds with what they need, and once done, they will surely come and have fun in your garden.

Bird Food

Birds need a variety of food. Using a bird feeder with various seeds and nuts will provide your birds with good nutrition.

Thistle seeds are great. These will attract many species, such as some finches and swallows. Suet and other special foods will attract even more birds. During the summer, putting out feeders for hummingbirds and orioles is highly recommended. Remember to record their songs in your garden to listen back and relax to.

A Home for Birds

Providing shelter for birds is super important. Smaller birds have many predators such as hawks and cats. Planting a flower bed and filling with evergreen bushes and ground cover looks great and provides a safe environment for garden birds.

A beautiful bird house or nesting house provides a safe and dry place for birds to come and nest in. Depending on the local birds you will need to decide whether you want to install a small bird house or a big bird house. You may be lucky enough for a bird family to join your garden! Listening to the chicks in the morning is a wonderful feeling.

Bird Bath

A bird bath is attractive and a great garden feature. You can attach a standard water bird bath. Dust baths are also attractive for birds, with a small patch of sand near the bird feeder, birds will enjoy it.

If you providing the birds with what they desire, they will surely come and play in your garden. Allowing you to enjoy their pleasant and calming beauty.